VIDEO: APTRA Academy In Action
With the help of Public Information Officers from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the LAPD and the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, each year professional videographers, reporters, anchors and media pro's give aspiring journalists the best "hands-on" experience in reporting ever!!!

Through the years, APTRA Academy students have experienced LA County Fire Department water dropping helicopters, a hazmat team, a firefighting team, an LAPD black and white with lights and sirens blaring, the presence of the DEA -- an arrest & perp walk, mock news conferences, professional actors portraying victims and villians, and much more! And, each year the dedicated staff, mentors and professionals seem to "top" the year previous.

Here's what actual students have had to say about their experiences at the much heralded APTRA ACADEMY FOR ASPIRING JOURNALISTS.

"APTRA Academy was powerful. I could not find this kind of on-air practice and coaching anywhere else for this cost. All the mentors were passionate and knowledgeable. I'll be coming back. It was well worth the trip from New York."

-- Ray East

"I can't believe the level of participation from the mentors. APTRA staff, and Public Information Officers. I came for a demo tape and I'm leaving with much more. Thank you!

-- Heather Hutchins

"This is a great program. What made it so great was the mentors and professionals who came together to help out. In such a small time I've gained so much information. Thank you for creating a program for aspiring reporters."

-- Amanda Jaurigui

"The experience was unbelievable. It's nothing I would've ever imagined. We received great advice from very helpful professionals. It was just like the real thing. Thanks!

-- Rachel Salazar

"As a former student and two time mentor, this year's academy was by far the best example of a breaking news story for aspiring broadcasters.

-- Natalie Tejeda

"What made APTRA boot camp great was the mentors; they weren't retirees or wanna-bes, they were among the most successful professional writers, producers and reporters in LA. I learned so much!"

-- Susan Walter