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About APTRA Academy
Patricia Friedman /Student/Northern California:
"The Anchor academy gave me the motivation to keep striving for my goal."

Allison Robbins /Student:
"It was truly a profound learning experience for me, and one I will treasure always. A thousand thanks"
Sabrina Hughes -Mentor:
"I had so much fun. I can't wait till next year and I am already getting other people excited about it. We had a great group of people who put fantastic stories together. Not to mention the great job by L.A. County Fire."
Raul Collazo /Student/Las Vegas:
"It was beyond my expectations. The sense of spirituality of the mentors was so positive, it rubbed off on the students."

APTRA Academy is a two day workshop held in Malibu, California by the Associated Press Television and Radio Association in conjunction with Pepperdine University. The academy is the brain-child of reporter, Hal Eisner. With the help of hundreds of reporters, videographers, actors, make-up artists, media professionals and emergency personnel, APTRA Academy continues to blaze a trail of success since its launch in 2000.

The Academy is an immersion program designed to give aspiring reporters the chance to spend two days with some of the best in the business and learn step-by-step how to construct a single news story -- but really it's more than that. The experience actually gives the participant the opportunity to be a reporter or anchor "in action"; something no other workshop or class can replicate.

During this hands-on workshop the reporting students do interviews, cover the played out action sequences, do standups, write their stories and oversee the editing of their pieces with the guidance of mentors. The professionals volunteering their time and expertise are veteran reporters, news managers, field producers, photographers & editors from throughout the country.

In the Academy's anchor program students spend their two days preparing and executing their own 5 minute newscasts. They do live cut-ins and learn about such things as makeup, voice over, set preparation and lighting. The Academy's anchor program gives the participants the opportunity to work at Pepperdine's on-campus TV studio mentored by a producer, director, makeup artist, a voice coach, a Pepperdine Communications Professor and news anchors.

Hal Eisner, Director of APTRA Academy explains why he started the Academy: "When I started in this business there was no such thing. Just finding a mentor was tough. In recent years, as I attended seminars aimed at aspiring broadcasters, it seemed as if they had no where to do something as simple as make a resume tape. That's where I got the idea and after years of doing the workshop I'm convinced it's one of the most meaningful projects I've ever been involved in. The students actually leave on the second day with tapes in their hands and, in their hearts, feelings that they're more motivated than when they first arrived at the Academy."

About Cottontail Ranch and Malibu, CA

Cottontail Ranch is located in the scenic hills of Malibu Canyon, CA. Founded in 1958, Cottontail Ranch is home to summer camps and adult retreats throughout the year. Cottontail Ranch has been owned and operated by Pepperdine University since 1997.

In October the climate can be chilly at night and hot during the day. Please be prepared by bringing clothing for both climates.

Pepperdine University is a private university, therefore there are absolutely NO drugs or alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises of Cottontail Ranch, nor on its campus.

Bringing Food is NOT recommended. Cottontail Ranch is located in the wilderness.

Cell phone signals are intermittent and difficult to maintain while on the main grounds of Cottontail Ranch.